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New discovery April 2024

I can't believe I didn't discover this place earlier: Chidas bar+cantina in Eivissa. Photo: Luana Failla

The Chidas bar+cantina in Eivissa's new town, just five minutes from the large car park or the port, is in my opinion not only the best Mexican restaurant in Ibiza, but also a real soul place. After all, soul food is what is served at Chidas - and, a little tip, should be eaten with your hands as much as possible! "If you eat tacos with cutlery, a Mexican dies," jokes Salva. Salva(tore) D'amico and Andreas Tsanos, who met over ten years ago in the London bar scene, have created Chidas, a small trendy restaurant in Ibiza Town where you can eat excellent food at fair prices and drink delicious cocktails - and immediately feel incredibly comfortable.

Chidas opened as a bar five years ago on February 22nd, Margarita Day. Today, in addition to delicious Margarita cocktails, you can find not only excellent mezcal and tequila drinks all year round, but also incredibly tasty, authentic Mexican food. For example, Tacos Birria de Cordero (lamb braised for a very, very long time and therefore super-soft; 10 euros), Alias de Pollo (chicken wings) with BBQ, chipotle and dukkah sauce (12.50 euros) or miso cauliflower with gado-gado vegetable salad, peanut sauce, salsa and sour cream (19 euros). You should definitely try the Elotes Callejeros "para compatir", i.e. to share; these are incredibly tasty corn on the cob in a chipotle and parmesan coating (9 euros). The finest Mexican street food! By the way, DJs play on Fridays and Saturdays all year round - dynamic vibes on Fridays, more chilled lounge beats on Saturdays. All in all, Chidas is a very international place that has many loyal regulars from Ibiza's gastronomy scene. A real insider tip.

Mon to Sat 19:00-late, Fri and Sat also 13:00-16.00, €€

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